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Hey everyone, I’m Ivan and now let me introduce myself to you.

So, lets begin. I’m 18 years old and i live in Macedonia. My hobbies include playing the piano and guitar, going to the gym – weightlifting, playing sports like basketball.. and many other segments that include this new hobby – working online, which can lead to full time job hopefully. That is my dream.

After I finished high school, as the most of the people like me, I was wondering if i could make myself productive and find a job that i feel comfortable in. So, I simply came up with the idea of working online and make my own business. The reason I chose the whole ‘working on the internet’ thing is based on the fact that you don’t have bosses or anyone above you, in fact you are your own boss. An other positive thing is that i’m not obligated to put my work in a specific time limit, but i can put my effort on the website whenever i want and i have time for it in the day. So I’m pretty sure i can handle this kind of business because I feel comfortable with it. Well yes, this is definitely the thing i was looking for!

What is Mega Fresh Magazine?

Mega Fresh Magazine is website that publishes fresh online stories (mostly political) throughout the day. It all started with the idea that the people need to see what’s happening with the world and take advantage of it. So i made this wonderful site where you can find the best content about politics, sport, entertainment, healthy lifestyle tips and a lot of other things that will catch your attention. It’s always good to know everything!