AGREE? – Newt Gingrich Just Made The Following Announcement About Trump’s Speech [watch]


Trump’s speech last night inspired many young people and not just conservatives. Even Newt Gingrich, a veteran to our cause, looked young again after the speech.

Sean Hannity asked Gingrich how he felt about the speech, and he replied, “Best speech of his career. I’m blown away.” Newt said it was even better than Trump’s inaugural address and his speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


As Gingrich said, many of the Democrats were “startled” by the speech — perhaps it was the first time some of them had listened to him without the slant of the mainstream media.

No doubt they were also upset that many liberals heard it and realized that Trump is not racist, sexist, or any of the other hateful names the mainstream media have called him.

Last night, Trump built so many connections, both with We the People and those in Congress. Even Democrats were standing to applaud the things Trump stated.

Gingrich is sure that despite the line in the sand separating those in Congress, the Democrat opposition can unite on certain agenda measures, including our infrastructure. Many of them will realize they need Trump’s help to fix up the devastating conditions of some of our roads, bridges, and other necessary infrastructure.

The Democrats know they couldn’t have a better president for making smart, efficient investments in these areas. It’ll be under budget and ahead of schedule.

The liberals believe it’s a bad thing that Trump is a businessman. They would prefer a career politician.

Well, we’ve had career politicians in the White House, and just look at the ruined remains of our economy they left behind! Look at our job market; look at homeless and hungry Americans and those who are ill and can’t afford care. Being a career politician by no means guarantees success in leading this country. In fact, it usually hinders you.

As a businessman, Trump knows how to address economics. It is his native language, which he has proven to be extraordinarily successful in. This speech was just the beginning — wait until the Democrats are faced with the results of Trump’s policies. We will start winning again!

Believe me, Newt was not the only one giddy after last night.