BREAKING: France Has Quran Burning Parties – Says Arabs Get Out!


In Corsica today, the French residents organized a massive even where Qurans were burnt and a message was released. In classic French fashion, that message was targeted at ALL ARABS, not just Muslims.

Now, I just want to take a second to remind everyone how much less hateful the USA has always been than our European trade partners. After a single large attack in France which left 130 people dead, they are now pushing to ban all brown people from their country. After 9-11, however, we took the fight to our extremist enemies instead of racially targeting our own citizens.


Several hundred people marched in Corsica on Sunday after two days of violent anti-Arab riots, sidestepping a ban on demonstrations in a flashpoint neighbourhood by taking their protests elsewhere in the island capital Ajaccio.

Two people were detained over the rioting on the French Mediterranean island, which saw demonstrators vandalise a Muslim prayer hall and set fire to books including copies of the Koran.

Corsica’s administrator Christophe Mirmand announced a ban on all protests and gatherings until at least January 4 in the poor Jardins de l’Empereur housing estate, the epicentre of the violence on Thursday through Saturday.

The ban came after hundreds of people had marched for a second straight day Saturday through several working-class districts of Ajaccio shouting slogans such as “This is our home!” and “Arabs get out”.

Two men aged in their 20s were held in custody as part of a probe into the unrest.

Dodging the ban, hundreds of people marched through other neighbourhoods of Ajaccio on Sunday.