BREAKING: Sean Hannity Is In BIG Trouble Now – Will You Support Him? [POLL]


The left cannot win in the battle of ideas. So, instead of tackling Hannity’s ideas, they target his character in an attempt to silence opposing views.

Since its success in targeting Bill O’Reilly, the liberal outrage machine is now turning against Sean Hannity in the hopes of removing him from Fox News. (via Western Journalism)


The attack against Sean Hannity is being led by Jeremy Peters, a New York Times reporter. Speaking on MSNBC, Peters claimed, “I think you have to look at somebody like Sean Hannity and question whether or not his almost propaganda-like attitude and programming every night is going to be acceptable in the minds of the [Murdoch] family which is clearly trying to shift the network in another direction.”

There is absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hannity; yet, he has been foisted to the center of the witch hunt against conservatives.

Peters’ evidence that the Murdoch family is planning to shift the network in a new direction is based on a — you guessed it — New York Times hit piece from 2010. Despite no major changes in the content on the network in the last 7 years, this reporter believes that things are changing at Fox.

It is laughable that a New York Times reporter could accuse anyone of being propaganda after the “Newspaper of Record” fawned over Hillary Clinton for a year and a half. Not to mention their brazen lies in support of the Obama administration.

Despite their shady record as the mouthpiece of the establishment — or perhaps because of it — the New York Times remains the leading voice of the elite and liberal. Sean Hannity needs to tread carefully while under the mainstream media microscope.

As the ousting of O’Reilly indicates, even the slightest misconduct is enough to attract the mainstream media’s kill-squad. O’Reilly asked a dinner date to his hotel room, and lost his job as a result.

Unfortunately for Jeremy Peters, Hannity has a spotless record. The only slight the left can find against Hannity is that he openly supported a presidential candidate that they did not like. If vocal support of a political candidate is enough to leave an anchor unemployed, then every so-called “journalist” at CNN should be out of a job.

The real crime that Hannity is guilty of is offering an opinion diverging from the liberal group-think. The left is learning that their conquest of the media landscape is not enough to win them elections. Despite their widespread propaganda, the American people are not buying into collectivist hogwash.

This is why liberals are resorting to censorship in the wake of Hillary’s defeat. Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter are all silencing conservative speech, while Media Matters campaigns against the few reporters still on the right. Thank goodness we have Donald Trump to call them out on their cheap tactics.

The left know they cannot win the battle of ideas, so they show their dictatorial colors and resort to outright censorship and propaganda — offering a glimpse of what life would be like if they were given power.